Display device choice

Software concept

Allows choosing which display device to use instead of the default.


Name variations: Screen choice, Monitor choice

The first video game about Display device choice was released on November 22, 2004.

Wargaming.net has published all these games

On X11 default is :0 thus choice on any other is interesting.

Maximized borderless window on non-default is not same, nor dragging windowed games to other screens.

Forcing this on the OS side does not count either (e.g. "DISPLAY=localhost:3.0 somegame" on Linux/X11), it needs to be an option specifically in the game itself.

At least on Windows applications and games require specific support from the application to run on other adapter than the primary in full-screen mode. Windowed mode (and thus maximized window on secondary adapter) is unrelated to this limitation.