Disproportionate retribution

Other (objects, etc.) theme

As part of the plot, someone or some people retaliate in disproportionate manner. Such as going genocidal in response to actions of a few people.


Alternate name: Disproportionate retaliation

The first video game about Disproportionate retribution was released on January 31, 1997.

Bethesda Softworks and Square has published most of these games

This is extremely common Human behaviour historically, especially when dealing with different races or species. If there's an animal attack, that animal species will be hunted, possibly completely from the region. If there's a single person (of identifiable different race) attributed to some negative thing, their whole race is subjected to discrimination or retaliation. And so forth.

Simple examples:
* Single person from a minority group does something negative, that whole minority group is blamed and punished.
* Few rebels hide in a city, the "peacekeeping" force decides to start massacring the citizens until the rebels turn themselves in or are massacred alongside everyone else.
* A single animal attacks a commune (e.g. starving wolf attacks a kid), the commune lashes out by hunting and killing every single member of the same species in the region.

When this happens involving only one person as the target of retribution (e.g. death sentence for being late to work), then this should happen or be mentioned repeatedly for it to be worth including in this tag.