Dissolving corpses

Video game concept

The bodies of recently slain dissolve or otherwise rapidly disappear immediately or soon after death.


Name variations: Disappearing corpses

Exodus from the Earth (Windows)
WIN 2008-09-24
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (Windows)
WIN 2010-07-27
Space Siege (Windows)
WIN 2008-08-12
Rage (Windows)
WIN 2011-10
Might & Magic X - Legacy (Windows)
WIN 2014-01
Darksiders (Windows)
WIN 2010-06-24
Neverwinter Nights (Windows)
WIN 2002-06-18
Hulk (Windows)
WIN 2003-05-27
Daikatana (Nintendo 64)
N64 2000-11-21
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (PlayStation 3)
PS3 2009-02-10
Warframe (Windows)
WIN 2013-03-21
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (Windows)
WIN 2009-02-10

The first video game about Dissolving corpses was released on July 1990.

Codemasters, Electronic Arts and Tripwire Interactive has published most of these games

* Permanent corpses

* Dissolving items
* Rotting
Some games actually give some in-world explanations for these (such as rapid rotting), while others just crudely remove the corpses from the gameworld.

This is usually done to save system resources by removing the corpses from requiring processing power still - although this is usually a significant lacking in the game engine itself as corpses shouldn't take much any more processing power than regular level ornaments - but this often also makes less immersive experience for the player, to which experienced players likely have become jaded to.

* Winks out of existence - done in older games
* Sinks into the ground until they're no longer visible
* Dissolves or "beams out" - usually with pretty bright lights
* Explodes leaving nothing behind
* Corpse disappears after a while when you aren't looking or nearby