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Following distribution services are missing at the time of writing: Direct2Drive, GameTap, Beamdog, Impulse, and probably many others.
Available on DesuraAvailable on Desura, a digital distribution network & game development community.1995 / 20171158 games
Available on DLsite.comAvailable from digital distribution, mainly a source of indie games and other products.2007 / 201522 games
Available on Epic Games StoreAvailable on the digital distribution by Epic Games.2010 / 201930 games
GameAgentA digital disrobution site by Aspyer that notably offers games for Mac. Also sells Linux and Windows games.2013 / 201618 games
Available on GameolithA digital distribution service for Linux games.2003 / 201561 games
Available on GamersgateAvailable on the digital distribution by Gamersgate.1998 / 201721 games
Games RepublicAvailable for digital distribution and shown on the Games Republic store front.2008 / 2017105 games
Available on GOG.comAvailable from digital distribution.1982 / 20191326 games
Available on Itch.io1983 / 20184860 games
Available on Mac Games StoreAvailable on the Mac Games Store digital distribution service.1 game
Available on MangaGamerAvailable on the MangaGamer digital distribution service.2015 / 201614 games
Nintendo eShopOnline service for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii-U and Switch. It features a cash-based system instead of the points based system used with the Wii and Nintendo DSi.2011 / 2017431 games
Available on PlayismAvailable on Playism digital distribution that focuses on indie PC games.2011 / 20133 games
PlayStation StoreDistributed through PS network's store.2000 / 2018263 games
Available on SteamAvailable on the digital distribution (and by extension social networking service) by Valve.1987 / 20197737 games
WiiWareDistributed through the Wii Shop Channel for play on the Wii.2007 / 2013258 games
Xbox Live MarketplaceDistributed through Xbox Live Marketplace.2005 / 2016323 games