Ambiguous term: Diving

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The term "diving" is ambiguous and thus this should not be used as is, see the child tags for more accurate instances.


Parent group

Ground divingDiving on ground head/chestfirst (though with arms usually ahead of that to reduce impact), often employed in sports such as baseball.2001 / 201417 games
Freefall skydivingDiving through air before using landing or flight gear or similar (such as parachutes), often begun by jumping off an airplane at extreme altitude.1975 / 201614 games
Underwater divingHumanoid character(s) spend air limited time underwater with or without equipment.1974 / 2019267 games
Water divingFeatures precision diving from air into water as a gameplay element. Often as a sporting even. Not 'jumping' into water.1983 / 199245 games