Dolby Surround

Hardware entity

Dolby Surround is a matrix encoding format for surround sound. Somewhat backwards compatible with stereo.


Alternate name: Dolby Pro Logic

The first video game about Dolby Surround was released on March 16, 1990.

Takara, Namco and Ocean has published most of these games

Dolby Surround actually refers to the process of encoding 4 channels of sound into 2 channels using a basic Matrix technology (phase shift). Dolby Pro Logic is the name of the decoding process. At first there were "Dolby Surround" decoders that somewhat reversed the encoding processes so almost 4 discreet channels were reproduced. But very soon after, Dolby invented the Pro Logic system that was much better at getting the original discreet 4 channels. Although the single rear channel still had a limited range of frequencies. The name "Dolby Surround" is generally used as a synonym for "Dolby Pro Logic". Most videogames that use this system do so by playing back pre-recorded sounds rather than generating them as needed. Dolby labs failed to consider that there would ever be a need to interactively create surround sound. Dolby Surround was invented in 1976, before videogames and home computer system were popular. In 1986 they adapted the system for home use but again didn't consider videogames. Probably because the most Popular system at the time, the NES, only had mono output. They would not make this mistake again when the created Dolby Pro Logic's successor, Dolby Pro Logic II.

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