DOS 5.x

Software entity

Requires DOS 5.0 or newer.

Menzoberranzan (MS-DOS)
DOS 1994
Albion (MS-DOS)
DOS 1995
Screamer (MS-DOS)
DOS 1995
X-COM: UFO Defense (MS-DOS)
DOS 1994
Epic Pinball (MS-DOS)
DOS 1993-11
Grand Prix 2 (MS-DOS)
DOS 1995
The 7th Guest (MS-DOS)
DOS 1993
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (MS-DOS)
DOS 1994-11-23
Discoveries of the Deep (MS-DOS)
DOS 1993
The Elder Scrolls: Arena (MS-DOS)
DOS 1994-07
Return of the Phantom (MS-DOS)
DOS 1993
X-COM: Terror from the Deep (MS-DOS)
DOS 1995

The first video game about DOS 5.x was released in 1993.

Interplay, Electronic Arts and Virgin has published most of these games

Added support for partition sizes of up to 2 GB, 2.88 MB diskette drives, and allowed UMB access for 386 CPUs and newer.