DOS extender

Software entity

Uses any DOS extender (such as DOS/4G) that breaks the memory limit of 640kB, allowing at least up to 64MB to be addressed.


Alternate names: DOS/4G, DOS32A

The first video game about DOS extender was released in 1993.

Electronic Arts, GT Interactive and id Software has published most of these games

Note that DOS/4G allows addressing up to 128 MB RAM, 64MB in the free GW version.

DOS/32A is not used by any real DOS era games or applications, but works as a drop-in replacement for DOS/4G, and allows memory addressing up to 2GB.
Known DOS extenders:
* DOS/4G (dos4g.exe and dos4gw.exe) -- 4GW was bundled with Watcom C compiler, 4G itself was more advanced commercial version.
* DOS/32A (dos32a.exe)
* Borland RTM loader (rtm.exe)