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Small birds often used for symbols of peace & gentleness.


The first video game about Doves was released on January 21, 2009.

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Science makes little distinction between pigeons and doves other than to tend to call smaller one doves. However, many languages and cultures make prominent distinction. Doves are a symbol of peace and generally look upon with favor. Pigeons are at best a message courier and at worst, flying rats dedicated to defecating on cars and national monuments (include peace monuments:)

In Judaism, Doves are Kosher and also the only bird allowed as a holy sacrifice. The Biblical text strongly implies they were very inexpensive. Historically speaking, doves could be captured using an Arapuca trap made of freely available materials and minimal skills required. Thus the destitute could still honor G-d.

In Christianity, Doves are additionally seen as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

After the rain stopped, Noah sent out a dove several times of a long period to check for unflooded land. Also a Raven, but that didn't amount to much. Dove behavior would suggest it would have tried to find its home territory first and try for any land if the failed. Originally it came back empty. But the second time it returned with an olive leaf (or olive branch) thus proving that there was dry land and plants were growing on it. Eventually it didn't come back (probably found its home). Soon after, God created the rainbow to sign his promise never to flood the whole earth again. From this, Doves, Olive Branches, and to some extent Rainbows became symbols of peace. At least among secular institutions. Amongst many people of abrahamic faith, the Dove in this story represents a messenger from G-d.

Doves are specifically singled out in the "Cleansing of the Temple" incident in the New Testament. Near the end of Jesus' ministry, He violently drove out moneychangers, animal sellers, their animals (property of the sellers) from the Temple (His Father's House). He overturned their tables and scattered their coins. But he merely overturned the benches of the dove sellers and commanded them to leave (apparently not being violent against their persons nor physically disturbing their doves as he'd done with the others). The doves served two spiritual purposes here. They were normally cheep, so widows and the poor could afford them to make their offerings and pray. But also, God had specifically commanded that non-Jews be allowed to pray at His temple. No matter their beliefs, they were still required to provide a sacrifice. The normally inexpensive doves were way for gentiles to enter the temple prayer area without spending a lot of cash or sacrificing an expensive animal which might turn them off to the process (which have have been exactly what the money changers were inadvertently doing) as they did not necessarily understand the sacrificing to cover their sin in the same way as the Jews were taught. Kind of a 'lifetime memberships 33% of your earnings annually till death due you part, or visitors day pass 1 penny'. Regardless as to why Jesus treated the doves and dove sellers differently, this incident coincidently matches the ancient idea of Doves as symbols of peace.

A middle eastern story tells of a king about to go to war who's heart was moved at discovering a terrified Dove mother protecting her squabs in a nest she had built in his helmet. The bird had not abandon her young despite her fear. He took it as a divine message that he had the protection of his gods and he went to battle without his armor. On the field he discovered his hated enemy, a rival king, had also come to battle without armor. He feared this rival had the divine protection of his gods as well. He loudly demanded to know of his rival why he had not worn armor. "Let us parlay and talk about it!". And so they went to each other unarmed. The rival king told how his heart had been moved when he found a mother dove protecting her squabs in his helmet. Before the rival could finish speaking, the king realized he'd misjudged his rival to be a cruel and thoughtless tyrant. Certainly he was not if a mother dove's bravery had so inspired him to risk his own life and kingdom for her sake. He explained his doves to his rival and he also realized he'd misjudged his enemy. They agreed to live in peace with each other. Thus Doves are known as a symbol of peace and messengers from gods.

Aphrodite's chariot is pulled by doves and she is often seen in the form of a dove. Aphrodite was born out of an egg brooded by a dove. She is the goddess of Love and Beauty. Zeus demanded that she marry Hephaestus to keep the gods at peace. The Pleiades constellation (Aphrodite's daughters), are sometimes called "a flock of doves." because Zeus turned Aphrodite's daughters into a flock of doves before making them into stars.