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Ability to maintain momentum while turning, with the turning not affecting direction of the drift (much). Such as a car with which the driver intentionally loses traction for.


Alternate names: Oversteering, Fishtailing, Powersliding
Name variations: sliding, skidding

The first video game about Drifting was released on November 1998.

Ubisoft, THQ and 2K Games has published most of these games

This is mostly interesting when this can be done on purpose and is not limited to slick surfaces. Such as doing handbrake turn or a car sliding out of control from violent turns.

Although this is a common part of certain car sports, this can also be done with airplanes (via supermaneuverability) as well as spacecraft and watercraft (mainly with PWCs).

Drifting is a required component of Newtonian physics in space flight simulators.

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Simulation elements, Vehicle simulation


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