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A group of bipedal carnivores with tearing claws on feet. Likely pack hunters. Colloquially called "raptors".


Name variations: Raptors, Velociraptors, Utahraptors, Deinonychus, Achillobator

The first video game about Dromaeosaurs was released in 1993.

Ocean and Excaliburworld Production has published most of these games

This is a shared tag for the various "raptor" dinosaurs as they're often mixed, the names not known properly or their appearance by those who don't know better (a.k.a. those who don't really care).

For example: Velociraptors were in reality about the size of a turkey like they were likened to in the first Jurassic Park movie (coincidence or authors acknowledging to having taken creative freedoms?), also feathered albeit lacking wings (compare with Dodo and Terror birds).
Children: (Dromaeosaurs)
* Velociraptor
* Utahraptor
* Achillobator
* Deinonychus
The velociraptors in the Jurassic Park films were extremely enlarged and had anatomical changes that are inconsistent with known specimens. However, they turned out to be very close to the Utahraptor that was discovered after Jurassic Park was released. Most notably, real velociraptors have been proven by scientists to have been covered in feathers and possibly had winglets on their arms. But they are not at all suitable for flight so the feathers served other, as yet undecided, functions. Though the last film depicted them with a few feathers, they were still oversized and over estimated in intelligence. Scientists believe that velociraptors were not quite as smart as modern big cats.

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Utah Raptor, Deinonychus

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