Culture theme

Conflict of two extremes.
Can be either internal or external conflict with the player on either side or having choices between the two.


Alternate name: Dualistic conflict

The first video game about Dualism was released in 1948.

Electronic Arts, The Software Toolworks and Interplay has published most of these games

Usually dualistic view does not allow any variation, ending up as you're either with us or against us, you are or aren't, and so on. Often with the other extreme seen as better or more acceptable than the other and the other as bad or evil, something to be fought simply because it exists. A very black and white perception of anything, and cause for much grief for those who would rather not choose sides. And those who don't choose are said to be sitting on the fence, which is sometimes seen almost worse than choosing the opposite side of the conflict.

The only good side of dualism is that it gives you clear picture of things, even if heavily skewed.
Conflict of two extremes of what is considered the same thing yet both ends are necessary for the other to exist.

Common themes:
* Good and Evil
* Order and Chaos
* Purity and Corruption
* Light and Darkness
... and so on.

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Child groups

Light versus Dark, Good versus Evil, Order versus Chaos

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