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A darker pulp-noir D&D campaign setting (published in 2004) focused on the continent, Khorvaire, devastated by prior wars. Combines D&D with slightly advanced yet magic based technology.


The first video game about Eberron was released on September 21, 2005.

The Ebberon setting begins in a time just after a vast devastating 106 year war (The Last War) on the continent of Khorvaire. It has an overall pulp fiction feel to it with a bit of noir. It tends to offer darker adventures where good and evil are no longer associated with entire races. The same creatures, races and technologies are present for the mostpart (these are all immigrants to Ebberon, some during the Last War, most from eons ago). But new races are added, Changelings, Couatl , Daelkyr, Daelkyr Half-Blood, Eneko, Kalashtar, Psiforged (Warforged), Rakshasas, Shifters, and Warforged. All have been effected by the Last War and it has amplified the best and worse in all creatures. Times have necessitated greater cooperation between the different races and alignments, but good and evil are still opposed to each other. Also, technologies like trains, airships, androids now exist but they are perceived as being magically powered as there is no common science available to explain them. Lesser magic is much more abundant while high level magic is nearly extinct. The god-like beings of the old D&D settings are gone, dead, or left. The one's who still have followers no longer directly aid them. Churches provide on the knowledge of spells to professed believers, rather then these spells coming directly from higher beings. Higher beings have now become a matter of faith rather than a practical use. As such, every religion can have members that do not follow the rest or even behave opposite to the teachings of their professed (or falsely professed) faith.

Warforged and Psiforged are constructed creatures that were used to fight the Last War. Somewhat like a cross between golems and robots, made from wood that continues to live. These sentient beings were made as a race of slave soldiers, but since the end of the Last War have used their freedom to express their own wills and goals.

Places of interest:
Khorvaire, once ruled by goblinoids of Dhakaan, now huimans are predominate here.
Five Nations, an area in Khorvaire where most of the humans live and rule.
Aerenal, ruled by elves
Xen'drik, A jungle content once ruled by giants, The Drow some rule sparsly dispersed tribes, most tribes are unaligned.
Frostfell, An ice covered land, largly unexplored
Sarlona , ruled by Dream Region creatures called Quori
Argonnessen, A land of dragons.
Lamannia an 'elemental sea'
Risia, a perpetually frozen sea oftend called 'Endless'
12 moons of Ebberon (those poor Lycanthropes). The moons come in many colors, each with a 28 day cycle of brightness of unknown cause. They can have seemingly supernatural effect on tides and weather, and perhaps magic on occasion. List of moons by size:
Rhaan, pale blue, the Book Moon. The smallest moon. Thought to have large writings carved on its surface.
Nymm, pale yellow/gold, the Crown Moon/King Nymm. Halfling merchants offer bargin sales and discounts when it is bright.
Olarune, pale orange, The Sentinel Moon. May have a faint ring or vast thin atmosphere.
Aryth, orange-red, the Gateway Moon. Effects manifest zones like Zarantyr effects tides
Therendor, pale gray, The Healer's Moon
Eyre, silver-gray, the Anvil Moon. Has the shape on an anvil on its surface features.
Sypheros, smoky gray, the Shadow Moon. Barely visible at its brightest, it also seems to be cracked in half.
Zarantyr, white, the Storm Moon. Has the most effects the tide.
Lharvion, dull white with a large dark canyon, the Eye. It looks like a slitted eye.
Barrakas, pale gray, the Lantern Moon. The brightest moon.
Vult, gray and cratered, the Warding Moon. Thought to keep invaders from passing either to or from Eberron, such as Daelkyr.
Dravago, pale lavender, the Herder's Moon. Thought to be a shepherd moon that keeps the others in their orbits. Meteorites are thought to come from it.
13th moon of Ebberon. Invisible. The Death Moon. Unproven.
(Lycanthropes in Eberron are unwillingly transformed an average of 19 days out of 30.)
Ring of Siberys. A planetary ring around Ebberon made of Dragonshards, crystals with pulsating glowing veins of color.