Electric weapons

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Any weapons which discharge electricity in one manner or another at the target.


Alternate names: Electroshock weapons, Electrolasers, Tesla guns, Lightning guns

The first video game about Electric weapons was released in 1988.

GT Interactive, Activision and DQ Team has published most of these games

Lightning weapons can be straight beam-like lightnings, arcing lightning, or the kind that spreads about (almost) chaotically.

Note that electric weapons do not necessarily cause anything visible, though that's mainly for contact weapons (which are also the only kind currently used as weapons, though electrolasers are in development).

These can be pure contact weapons like stun prods, projectile weapons that fire a line to the target and shock them at a distance (has no visible electrical activity), or electrolasers which use laser to ionize air and send an electrical shock using that ion "tunnel" as a medium through which to travel unerringly to its target.
* Energy weapons


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