Activities theme

Player can perform emotes. Point at things, laugh, hop, cry, etc. Things that by themselves do little, but prompt others to respond, are responses themselves or aid verbal or other cues.


Alternate name: Actions

The first video game about Emotes was released on June 18, 2002.

Microsoft, Microsoft Game Studios and Blizzard has published most of these games

These are mostly there to aid actual role-play.

The word "emote" originates from the first instance of ever doing them, talk software for the Unix platform (IIRC). This was adapted also in IRC ("/me does something") and MUDs where it usually is called either emotes or actions, depending on which the creators were more familiar with (or thought people can't handle the jargon). "Action" however is less useful outside of IRC, which is why this tag is called by the original name it was given: emote.

Games varyingly call it by either name, though "action" is much more easily mixed with regular actions player can perform (such as move, talk, bash, etc.).