EMP weapons

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Includes any kind of weapons that briefly or permanently disable electronic or similar systems, but have little to no effect against organic targets.


Alternate names: Electromagnetic pulse weapons, Ion weapons

The first video game about EMP weapons was released on March 26, 1994.

Electronic Arts, Square Enix and Night Dive Studios has published most of these games

This tag and its children are usable regardless if the weapons actually use EMP or some other thing (e.g. ions) to accomplish the same or similar effect.

Note on the inclusion of ion weapons that they often function as generic energy weapons without the primary traits of electronic device disabling things that they should (or at most give bonus damage to such), this is not for weapons that give bonus damage to them but rather disable or "stun" such things.
See also: Electromagnetic projectile weapons

* Stunning

Implied: (not enforceable)
* Robots
* Cyborgs

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SciFi elements

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EMP guns, EMP grenades

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