Culture concept

CliffhangerThe ending leaves the fate of the protagonist(s) unresolved or in a precarious situation.1996 / 201694 games
Disappointing endingThe end result is disappointing, usually the game ends without giving satisfaction to the player.1 game
Early endingOne or more endings are found much earlier than others that is not achieved by failing. Often not canonical, though not necessarily.2000 / 201714 games
Proper ending or denounmentFor contrary games released in times when, or on systems where, the majority could be played indefinitely without encountering a definitive ending scene/screen or a proper denouement.1980 / 201764 games
Early ending triggerEnding is [u]chosen[/u] based on actions of the player very early on, though later actions may also affect it. This does not yet trigger the actual ending however.1 game
False endingThe story builds up for conclusion, but instead there's a plot twist or something else that causes the story to continue on.1985 / 201757 games
Inconclusive endingThe ending leaves the original or biggest issue unsolved without having made it a non-issue or without a proper sequel hook.2001 / 20174 games
Multiple endingsHas more than one possible ending. Excluding any early endings caused by mission failure, non plot related deaths, or similar.1981 / 2019494 games
No endingHas an end to content, but there's no `ending´ (end state where end is acknowledged).1996 / 20153 games
Open-endedThe ending leaves open some issues, hints on others or otherwise gives similar message.1991 / 2017122 games
Sequel hookPart of the ending suggests there's going to be a sequel.1992 / 2018168 games
Tragic ending1993 / 201742 games
Uncertain endingThe ending is uncertain if the heroes won, if things are better now, if what they did mattered, or any such spell uncertainty if that's the real end of the story or not.1992 / 201610 games
Variable endingThe ending is an amalgam of various bits of info that cover what was done and how they affected the outcome.1986 / 201719 games