Energy restoration

Video game concept

Any tags related to restoring energy/mana/etc.

Alternate names: Mana restoration, Magic point restoration

Parent group

Energy drainingPlayer can somehow transfer the energy of others onto themselves, either when they're still alive or after they've perished. Including draining non-character energy sources.1993 / 20102 games
Energy recharging itemsPlayer can carry about items that recharge their energy reserves when they feel it necessary.1993 / 2017142 games
Energy pickupsIncludes items that restore all or part of the player character's energy upon picking up, activation or touching. These can't be stored in inventory even if such exists.1997 / 201517 games
Energy rechargerThe protagonist has an ability or indefinitely re-usable device that restores their energy upon use.1999 / 20037 games
Energy regenerationEnergy used by magic, electric devices, special skills or other things automatically regenerates over time.1994 / 2017193 games
Energy regeneration: SlowEnergy regenerates so slowly it's hardly of any use when you run out and need more.1992 / 20109 games
Energy stationsPlayer can find devices, locations or other things where they can repeatedly recharge their energy reserves.1994 / 201939 games
Level-up restorationUpon gaining a new level, character's health and energy reserves are restored.1996 / 201895 games