Entity versus Entity conflict

Other (objects, etc.) theme

A narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face, and in many cases, the player also


Alternate name: Man versus Man

The first video game about Entity versus Entity conflict was released on October 1981.

Atari, Parker Brothers and Activision has published most of these games

Two like beings of similar origin conflict with each other. Hero versus villain for example. Maintaining a balance makes for a good story. Having a hero that is more powerful than the villain means the villain must 'cheat' or have access to some outside force, circumstance, or weapon to balance the story. Or there must be a reason for the hero to restrain himself or is forcefully restrained. A more powerful villain requires the hero to have help or the villain be restrained. Weaknesses of either sided are a classic way to balance them and usually favored over balance through strengths in great stories. This type of conflict often leads to a face fights and often the last one as the climax of the story. A character of the conflict can often cause the other to evolve, as can both. There needent be a good vs bad or right vs. wrong, just conflict. Hero versus villain is common. Player versus player is another common form of this conflict. But other forms cannot be dismissed, such as player verses villain or player verses hero.

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The classic conflicts:
[[gametag:entityventity Entity Verses Entity conflict (Man verses Man)]]
[[gametag:entityvnatural Entity Verses Natural Order conflict (Man verses Nature / Man verses Physics / Man verses Logic / Man verses Emotion / Man verses Addiction)]]
[[gametag:entityvsupernatural Entity Verses Supernatural Entity conflict (Man verses supernatural / Man verses Fanciful / Man verses Alien]]
[[gametag:entityvself Entity verses Self conflict (man vs self / man verses his own limits)]]
[[gametag:entityvinvention Entity Verses Invention conflict(Man verses Machine / Man verses Idea)]]
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[[gametag:naturalvinvention Natural verses Invention conflict (Nature vs Machine)]]
[[gametag:naturalvnatural Natural verses Natural conflict (Nature vs Nature)]]
[[gametag:inventionvinvention Invention verses Invention conflict (Machine vs Machine)]]
[[gametag:supernatualvsupernatual Supernatural Entity Verses Supernatural Entity conflict (Fanciful verses Fanciful)]]
[[gametag:supernatualvnatural Supernatural Entity Verses Natural conflict (Supernatural vs Nature / Fanciful vs Nature)]]

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