Entity versus Self conflict

Other (objects, etc.) theme

A narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face, and in many cases, the player also


Alternate name: Man versus his own limits

The first video game about Entity versus Self conflict was released in 1983.

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The classic conflicts:
[[gametag:entityventity Entity Verses Entity conflict (Man verses Man)]]
[[gametag:entityvnatural Entity Verses Natural Order conflict (Man verses Nature / Man verses Physics / Man verses Logic / Man verses Emotion / Man verses Addiction)]]
[[gametag:entityvsupernatural Entity Verses Supernatural Entity conflict (Man verses supernatural / Man verses Fanciful / Man verses Alien]]
[[gametag:entityvself Entity verses Self conflict (man vs self / man verses his own limits)]]
[[gametag:entityvinvention Entity Verses Invention conflict(Man verses Machine / Man verses Idea)]]
Less usual conflicts:
[[gametag:naturalvinvention Natural verses Invention conflict (Nature vs Machine)]]
[[gametag:naturalvnatural Natural verses Natural conflict (Nature vs Nature)]]
[[gametag:inventionvinvention Invention verses Invention conflict (Machine vs Machine)]]
[[gametag:supernatualvsupernatual Supernatural Entity Verses Supernatural Entity conflict (Fanciful verses Fanciful)]]
[[gametag:supernatualvnatural Supernatural Entity Verses Natural conflict (Supernatural vs Nature / Fanciful vs Nature)]]

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