Entity versus Supernatural Entity conflict

Other (objects, etc.) theme

A narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face.


Alternate names: Man versus supernatural, Man versus Fanciful, Man versus Alien

The first video game about Entity versus Supernatural Entity conflict was released in 1980.

Atari, Brøderbund and AtariAge has published most of these games

This is a conflict where the protagonist(s) and antagonist(s) are incredibly different. Specifically, the supernatural side is worlds removed from the natural 'man'. In all likelihood the player has more in common with the natural side of the conflict than the supernatural. The word 'supernatual' must have a wide definition in this instance as it can apply to aliens, undead, advanced entities with god-like powers. etc... Basically the supernatural side can actually accomplish things that the natural side would consider impossible. Supernatural elements can exist in the story without being integral to the conflict. For instance, is a natural being is fighting a natural being, one wields a supernatural weapon, the other casts supernatural spells; this is still man vs. man. However vs. supernatural would likely apply if said weapon had a will of its own and choose to participate in the conflict; or if the force behind the magic spells had stake in the conflict. Man vs. Alien can only apply as long as the aliens are actually alien. If the man and alien are on equal footing, then this is entity vs. entity. It applies if one side has advanced technology sufficiently undecipherable or from a source inaccessible to the natural side. For instance, if one side of a war had access to planes in the 32nd Century BC.

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