Tools theme

Any tags referring to how used equipment, such as tools, weapons, clothes, and such behave or are handled. But not about storage when not in use, nor the equipment itself.

See also: inventory (for storage of equipment outside of use)
Carry capacity: Tool slotsCarry capacity is limited by available generic tool slots, or by item type (e.g. only only one heavy and one light). Not including clothing/armor or similar passive things.1992 / 2019158 games
Nonsensical gearThe equipment characters take makes no sense, usually by wearing or wielding unusually large number of same type of items such as 3 swords or 2 breast plates.2003 / 201412 games
Wildcard equipment slotsPlayer character(s) have one or more equipment slots that accept seemingly [u]any[/u] kind of equipment.1999 / 201420 games