Northern Europe

Locations entity

This is mostly a convenience group for locating various countries and should not usually be used by itself.

Children: (countries, as per UN)
* Denmark
* Faroe Islands
* Greenland
* Estonia
* Finland
* Åland Islands
* Iceland
* Ireland
* Latvia
* Lithuania
* Norway
* Svalbard and Jan Mayen
* Sweden
* United Kingdom
* Isle of Man
* Channel Islands: Guernsey and Jersey

Parent group

Great BritainIncludes the island of Great Britain as location, which covers most of the territory of United Kingdom.1983 / 2018211 games
EstoniaIncludes Estonia as a location.1991 / 20097 games
FinlandAll or significant portion of the story takes place in Finland.1992 / 201710 games
Iceland1987 / 20158 games
Island of IrelandAn island in Northwest Europe, occupied by Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK).1985 / 201321 games
KareliaA region in Northern Europe, in the area between White Sea and Gulf of Finland, as well as crossing over the political border of Finland and Russia.2008 / 20165 games
Norway1985 / 201916 games
SwedenA country in Northern Europe as part of the Scandinavian Peninsula.1984 / 201915 games