Western Europe

Locations entity

This is mostly a convenience group for locating various countries and should not usually be used by itself.

Children: (countries, as per UN)
* Austria
* Belgium
* France
* Germany
* Liechtenstein
* Luxembourg
* Monaco
* Netherlands
* Switzerland

Parent group

Austria1989 / 20138 games
BelgiumA small country in north-west Europe.1981 / 201623 games
FranceAll or part of the story takes place in France.1976 / 2018249 games
GermanyAll or part of the game takes places in Germany.1982 / 2016152 games
LuxembourgA small landlocked country in north-west Europe bordered by Belgium, France and Germany.1981 / 19845 games
NetherlandsA small country in north-west Europe.1985 / 201323 games
Switzerland1985 / 20099 games