Evil is Good

Culture theme

Evilness, cruelty, etc. are presented as desirable traits.


The first video game about Evil is Good was released on November 1992.

Codemasters, Kalypso Media Digital and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

The most blatant cases are where people label themselves as evil, unholy, cruel and find this a positive trait. Also people who worship a god or similar entity which they label as unholy and so forth.

Most commonly found in humorous context, but often the opposing force of a "good" god or people are labeled as unholy even by themselves, to make their opposition to the other side more pointed, no matter how little sense it makes in reality. Often the only explanation given or hinted at is that they're doing evil things for the sake of literally being evil, ergo Evil is some admirable goal.

This is unlikely to appear in any serious or realistic fiction.