Visual exaggeration

Cartoon / anime concept

Parent group

CaricatureCharacters' certain personal traits are greatly enhanced or simplified.1993 / 201953 games
Chibi / Super deformedThis is a supertag for chibi and super deformed styles for those who don't know or care about the differences.1992 / 20157 games
Huge feetCharacters are depicted with abnormally large feet.2009 / 20132 games
Huge headsCharacters consistently have disproportionally large heads.1987 / 201228 games
Huge weaponsWeapons, especially those wielded by characters, are consistently abnormally large.2004 / 201520 games
Tiny legsEmploys a visual style where characters consistently have tiny or exceptionally short legs, often to a point their total size is smaller than the head of the character.0 game