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Experience: AttackExperience is gained simply by attacking, regardless if this defeats the opponent or possibly even causes any harm.1988 / 20145 games
Experience: DeedsExperience is gained by doing various deeds, such as completing or progressing missions, tasks, quests, or other objectives.1979 / 2019229 games
Experience: DefenseExperience is gained by defending oneself, even if this is just being hurt and taking hits otherwise with no active attempt.1988 / 20145 games
Experience: DropsExperience is awarded from collecting dropped experience nuggets.2008 / 201616 games
Experience: EncountersPlayer character(s) gain experience from resolving encounters, whatever those may be and whatever they may involve.2014 / 20152 games
Experience: ExplorationExperience is awarded for exploration, finding or visiting new (possibly hidden) locations or location markers.1979 / 201515 games
Experience: Killing-Blow BonusIn addition to a base experience system, more experience is awarded to a character that delivers a killing blow.1989 / 19902 games
Experience: Kills/DefeatsExperience is awarded for killing, destroying or otherwise defeating things, usually living creatures.1979 / 2019791 games
Experience: Level matchNew characters that join your team have their experience adjusted to match yours, making it unnecessary for you to prioritize getting them into your team early on for reasons of avoiding xp grind.1998 / 201728 games
Experience: LiteralExperience (and thus advancement) is gained by literally doing what you want to get better at, meaning you get better at swimming by swimming, get more accurate with guns by shooting with them, get better at preparing food by cooking, etc.1984 / 2018126 games
Experience: LockpickingExperience is awarded for opening locks without the proper key, be it door, chest, or other locks.1998 / 201417 games
Experience: Method / StyleExperience is awarded based on the method, manner, or style of doing something.2011 / 201615 games
Multiple experience poolsPlayer can gain more than one type of experience, usually split by activity type.1985 / 201840 games
Experience: NoneExperience points do not exist despite being an RPG or having a character advancement system.1985 / 201729 games
Experience: ObjectsExperience is awarded from collecting certain objects or using certain items (e.g. potion of experience).1985 / 2019117 games
Experience: OtherExperience is gained from an unusual activity or source.1988 / 201520 games
Experience: PassiveExperience is gained passively for doing nothing at all, or alternatively from aging.1 game
Experience: Plot progressExperience or other advancement points are awarded for progressing through the plot/game.1984 / 201936 games
Experience: SharedAny experience gained in a group is shared between all members of the group regardless of participation in what prompted the gain.1988 / 201774 games
Experience: TradingExperience is awarded from trading and related activities.2002 / 20072 games
Experience: UndefinedSource of experience gain is unknown or otherwise undefined.1991 / 201647 games