Fall impact

Video game concept

Falling down a significant height causes the character to recoil from the impact, roll across the floor, or otherwise react to the impact force.


The first video game about Fall impact was released in 1990.

Playdead, Capcom and THQ has published most of these games

Most games where the player character can fall unfortunately do not suffer from the impact force regardless of how far they fell, also regardless if this causes damage or not. This tag shows in which games falling down a significant height causes the character to react to the fall. Commonly this causes the character pause, crouching down with the impact force. Perhaps even rolling forward in an attempt to redirect part of the force (this is what parachutists do).

This tag may overlap with pain tag in case the falls can cause damage, but since fall impact can be implemented regardless if it causes damage, they can't be considered identical.

This shouldn't be used if fall damage always ends up in character death, regardless how the character death sequence plays out.

Parent groups

Feedback, Realism, Velocity


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