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Beings magically or spiritually bound to a person (commonly a witch or other magic user), usually in master-servant style relationship. Appearing commonly as regular small animals, such as house cats, but are not required to be such.


Alternate name: Familiar spirits

The first video game about Familiars was released on December 22, 1990.

Beamdog, Atari and Graphic Simulations has published most of these games

See also: soul bond
Beings simply named familiars should not count, only when they actually function like familiars (or are implied to function).

Familiars can be elevated small animals or spirits taking form of small animals. Unlike what their appearance might suggest, these likely are highly intelligent (comparable to their master, possibly even more so) and capable of communicating with at least their master if not anyone else (e.g. actual speech, telepathy, or some other manner). Familiars rarely have bodies that are useful in physical combat, because they're too small and/or too weak. Some may have (magical) abilities not usually attributed to the animals they appear to be.