Other (objects, etc.) concept

Any concepts that relate to sense of weight, impact, or general feedback to player character's physical actions.

Alternate names: Impact, Sense of weight

See also: realism
Generally this covers things like appropriate screenshake, hits stopping at things instead of passing through them like they were air, small forced movements (violent head movement from blow to the head for example in first-person game), and so forth. Usually things that make every single action carry some form of weight instead of going through as if you were punching air.
Environmental contactTools, weapons, etc. can touch the environment instead of acting as if they were simply 2D printouts on your HUD or passing through everything as if they were air.2008 / 201719 games
Fall impactFalling down a significant height causes the character to recoil from the impact, roll across the floor, or otherwise react to the impact force.1990 / 2018160 games
Haptic feedbackSupports devices that produce haptic feedback, such as vibration, directional force, or such.1999 / 201838 games
Impact shockGetting hit, shot, or such can send the player character/vehicle reeling, shaking, staggering, or such, messing up with aim, micro stunning and/or other things.1 game
Melee impactMelee strikes actually impact with opponents, swings stopping (possibly with haptic feedback and/or slight screenshake accompanying it) when they meet hard enough resistance instead of passing through like air.2012 / 20143 games
RecoilSimulates recoil to some degree, throwing aim off target rather than usual bullet dispersion increasing for a moment or simply nothing at all.1997 / 201759 games
Screen shake1991 / 2019301 games
Weapon kickbackSome or all of the weapons have significant kickback, pushing their user backwards or even sending them flying.1998 / 201749 games