Fictional creatures

Creatures theme

Any creatures invented for known works of fiction that can't be categorized as legendary creatures.

These may be based on actual legendary creatures but no longer have enough significant relation with the originals.
BeholdersIncludes beholders, floating eyes with fanged mouth and possibly several eye stalks surrounding a large central eye. Usually they can unleash bolts of energy or magic spells from the central and/or the surrounding eyes.1975 / 201664 games
DridersA humanoid torso joined on top of a spider body or legs.1978 / 201815 games
ElvesFeatures Elves or Elf-like creatures.1975 / 2019543 games
Floating eyesIncludes creatures that resemble floating disembodied eyeballs, possibly with tendrils or similar additives.1982 / 201878 games
Gelatinous cubesLarge (enough to block a hallway completely) animated cubes of gelatin like substance with animal-like intelligence, commonly found in "dungeons" where they primarily serve as automated janitors, collecting and melting any trash and vermin.1985 / 201430 games
GnollsHumanoid hyena-like caninoids.1988 / 201733 games
Disembodied handsIncludes creatures that resemble severed hands.1984 / 201518 games
MimicsIncludes creatures that disguise themselves as harmless objects hapless adventurers are likely to approach, such as elaborate chests.1985 / 201984 games
Mind flayersIncludes mindflayers or creatures that resemble them: tall and slender alien humanoids with 4 or so tentacles surrounding a beak-like mouth used to devour the brains of their victims (food).1974 / 201524 games
OliphauntsFictional Mammoth/Elephant-like creatures of middle earth. Used as beasts of burden & for fighting wars2004 / 20096 games
OrcsFeatures Orcs or Orc-like creatures.1975 / 2019302 games
Owlbears1982 / 201335 games
TauntaunsA bipedal bovine-like species with 4 way cloven hooves downward facing horns along the sides of their heads. Easily tamed for carrying people & cargo1992 / 19932 games
Tentacle creaturesIncludes creatures whose dominant trait is tentacles.1990 / 2020120 games
TreantsFeatures treants, sentient or animalistic tree-like beings, or similar entities.1985 / 2018103 games
WampaUrsidae-like upright bipedal carnivore. They subsist on Tauntauns. They prefer to be solitary and are territorial but will form packs when advantageous1992 / 19973 games