Finite resources

Video game concept

The available resources are finite. No regenerating or re-spawning nor external sources for resources.


The first video game about Finite resources was released in 1984.

Blizzard, Blizzard Entertainment and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

Contrast: Infinite resources

Implied: Resource harvesting

Related: Limited supplies - non resource harvesting related cases.
Cases where only some resources are finite are applicable for this as well, if the finite ones are vital. Such as StarCraft where vespene gas is infinite (although severely reduced once the source has been drained), the main resource (the crystals) in contrast are finite.

In some cases the resources are infinitely recyclable (as long as the previous instance of their use is first destroyed or recycled - reimbursing the user fully of the used resources), these do not count for finite resources, even if otherwise they may be finite. If resources are lost in this process however (like in life), then they do count.

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Resource management


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