Fomalhaut star system

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Includes the Fomalhaut star system (the star is visible from Earth in the Piscis constellation) as a location.


Alternate name: Alpha Piscis Austrini

The first video game about Fomalhaut star system was released in 1993.

GameTek and Ambrosia Software has published most of these games

In reality, Fomalhaut is known to be a class A star approximately 25 light years from Earth. It is thought to be a relatively young star and system. Heavier elements than hydrogen & helium are thought to be significantly rarer than own sun and system. Above normal amounts of infrared radiation are emitted by this solar system. It is surrounded by a toroidal debris disk that occurs just outside the orbit of Fomalhaut b. This disk remains unnamed but is informally called the Fomalhaut Kupiter Belt after our own Kupiter Belt. Fomalhaut b was the first extra solar planet to be photographed in different positions of its orbit using visible light photography. In other words, it the first extra solar planet we actually saw as opposed to detected. Fomalhaut B, a star which should not be confused with the planet called Fomalhaut b, is a nearby solar system that may have an orbital relationship with Fomalhaut.

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