Former humans

Creatures concept

Humans that have become something quite different. Generally beings that no longer qualify as humans even in very broad sense of the word but were that previously.


The first video game about Former humans was released on December 2006.

Bethesda Softworks, Supergiant Games and Harebrained Schemes has published most of these games

* Posthumans
* Mutagen
* Cyborgs
* Possessed - being possessed by an otherworldly entity is quite different than actually turning into one
This does NOT include the undead nor robotized humans (though humans turned into full robots may count). The best cases for this is when the change to something else than human was sought out by the ones who've changed, less so for instances where it was unwanted or even forcibly imparted on them.

Nor is this for some form of natural human evolution (see post-humans) that has been going on for ages.

Beings other than humans count as well, though primarily this is for humans or creatures that function in a similar role (the species the protagonist is of, or a major species in the depicted setting).

This is mostly for the negatively presented kind of human change.