Fractal Generating

Software concept

Makes notable use of fractal generation to create graphics, sound, or the game world (or aspects of it).


The first video game about Fractal Generating was released in 1985.

Epyx and Activision has published most of these games

By generating aspects of a game using fractals vast amounts and very detailed and often natural looking/sounding content can be included in a game with comparably little use of computing resources. Graphics, for example, can show equivalent detail at any stage of zoom, in or out, and theoretically to infinity and with no change in use of computing resources. Game world size can be vast yet fit in a tiny amount of memory/storage. If fractal generation is used to make game textures, each object could have a completely unique texture. This could apply to a theoretically infinite number of objects. While this can be done with traditional algorithms, the result may tend to resemble artificial patterns (as if they were generated by a computer algorithm). But patterns from fractal generating can tend to resemble patterns that occur in the natural world.

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Procedural content generation


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