Other (objects, etc.) concept

Player deals with fractional numbers to some degree instead of or in addition to plain integers.


Name variations: fractions, decimals, irrational numbers, real numbers

The first video game about Fractionals was released on January 2000.

Valve has published all these games

Since most games show and deal with integer numbers on player side, this is for the rare cases where player actually deals with fractions (and not because of background rounding logic).

Obscured fractionals should be ignored, like 70 + 51% = 105 (technically 70 + (70 * 0.51) = 105.7, or 70 * 1.51). This is more like dealing with things like 6.73 something per second, or -0.03 per day and the like though with multiplication added it overlaps with the percentage example earlier.

Usually these do not have too great importance, but some games may rely on fractional precision or timing. Best instances are when these fractionals are not static.