Video game concept

Free to play but certain features, services, or virtual goods are only available to paying customers.


The first video game about Freemium was released on June 10, 2006.

GungHo Online Entertainment, Carbon Games and Blue Manchu has published most of these games

Similar (or indistinguishable) from free-to-play model which is for MMOs or other online games.

Common gains from paying:
* Extreme increase in productivity, often eliminating waiting for hours real-time into something instantaneous (e.g. structure building, waiting for someone to return from hospital, etc.).
* Availability of more efficient buildings or units only to paying players, possibly bordering on pay-to-win if it's multiplayer.
* Purchasing in-game resources for real money, skipping harvesting them altogether.

Editor note: it might be good idea to merge free-to-play to this tag as freemium is a bit broader in where it can be used (not limited to MMOs or other online-only games for one).