Purposeful friendly fire

Video game concept

Friendly fire can under certain circumstances have beneficial or otherwise useful effects.


Alternate names: Beneficial friendly fire, Useful friendly fire

Dota 2 (Windows)
WIN 2013-07-09
Dungeon Keeper 2 (Windows)
WIN 1999-06-30
Heroes of Newerth (Mac OS X)
OSX 2010-03-30
Dungeon Keeper (Windows)
WIN 1997-06-30
Dungeon Keeper (MS-DOS)
DOS 1997
Heroes of Newerth (Windows)
WIN 2010-03-30
Hearthstone (Android)
ANDR 2015-04-14
Dawn of War – Winter Assault (Windows)
WIN 2005-09
Heroes of Newerth (Linux)
LIN 2010-03-30
OSX 2012-10
IOS 2014-04-17
WIN 2003

The first video game about Purposeful friendly fire was released in 1997.

Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment and Valve has published most of these games

The parent tag should NOT be used if friendly fire is limited to only when this benefit can be gained. For example denial in MOBAs usually works only when the friendly is already very low in health and possibly with other limiting criteria (commonly requires they're also under damage-over-time effect).

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Friendly Fire


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