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A subset of GNU/Linux for minimal systems (6809, Z80, Z180, 8086, 6502, 68HC11, 68k, 65c816, MSP430, pdp11).


The first video game about FuzixOS was released in 2016.

Fuzix, Linux for 8-bit systems
Runs on Amstrad NC100, Amstrad NC200, Amstrad PCW8256, Atari 520ST, Dragon Nx32, Epson PX4/4Plus, Memotech MTX512, MSP430FR5969, MSX, Multicomp09, N8VEM-MarkIV, P112, SocZ80, Tandy CoCo 2, Tandy CoCo 3 (6809, very usable), TGL6502m, TRS80, V65, V68 - 68K, Z80Pack, Zeta v2, and ZX Spectrum 128K so far.

GPL2 + LGPL componets

[size=+2]29 games[/size] so far
And this is odd, it has a CP/M emulator

The effort is lead by Alan Cox and was announced by Linus Torvalds. Apparently, while the kernel team was arranging discontinuation of their involvement in ELKS (embedded Linux kernel, focused on 8086 systems) Alen Cox launched the Fuzix project (influenced ELKS) as response to SystemD and specially Kdbus as the trigger. Kdbus was killed but Fuzix lives on. While there is a great deal of porting to classic 8-bit systems, Fuzix is actually extremely useful in that archaic (cheeper than dirt cheep) hardware can be put to real use in the modern world. Also those n-in-1 TV systems, for example, could be turned into full gaming consoles, internet terminals, steamboxish streaming recievers, etc.

These have passed developers' "sanity check" unless better support is noted:
Amstrad NC100/NC200 [minimum sanity check standard]
Amstrad PCW8256
Atari 520ST
Dragon Nx32
Epson PX4/4Plus (HX-40)
Memotech MTX512
MSP430FR5969 [good]
MSX [good]
Multicomp09 [good]
N8VEM-MarkIV [good, lacks some peripherals]
P112 [good, lacks some peripherals]
SocZ80 [good]
Tandy COCO2
Tandy COCO3 [Excellent]
TRS80 [good]
Zeta v2 [good]
ZX Spectrum 128K


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