Common bugs

Software concept

Any bugs (defects) that appear in multiple games in more or less uniform manner.

Bug: Integer overflowA bug that causes some integer to overflow (go over what the hardware can do) producing variety of effects, commonly a kill screen, crash or something less game stopping.1 game
Crippled windowed modeDoes not run in a proper windowed mode despite offering the option, commonly lacking the window deco for moving the window about and is "stuck" at some point in the display.1 game
Audio format incompatibilityGames that exhibit issues of varying severity with OS audio output format (KHz and bits) set to something else than they want.1 game
ffdshow incompatibilityExhibits issues of varying severity with ffdshow installed.1999 / 20034 games
Incompatibility: Multi-core CPUExhibits issues of varying severity with multicore processors (likely hangs, crashes, or abnormal performance). Usually solved by limiting the game to single core.1999 / 20063 games
Kill screenReaching/entering a certain stage or level crashes the game or otherwise makes it unplayable beyond that point.1982 / 20154 games