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A game engine is a system designed for the creation and development of video games. There are many game engines that are designed to work on video game consoles and personal computers. The core functionality typically provided by a game engine includes a rendering engine ("renderer") for 2D or 3D graphics, a physics engine or collision detection (and collision response), sound, scripting, animation, artificial intelligence, networking, streaming, memory management, threading, localization support, and a scene graph. The process of game development is often economized, in large part, by reusing/adapting the same game engine to create different games.
See also: game makers, game libraries

* Middleware
4A EngineA game engine by 4A Games.2010 / 201913 games
AcknexMade with Gamestudio & using the Acknex engine.1 game
Adaptive Game EngineA game engine by AGEOD.2006 / 20072 games
Adventure Builder SystemA toolkit to create ZX Spectrum text or text and graphical adventure games by Tartan Software. Licensed for anyone to buy and use in 1986.1984 / 199115 games
Adventure engineUses Warren Robinett's unintentional invention of GUI. Originally used for [game=#80504]Adventure[/game], it proved useful to TLC for additional titles1980 / 200919 games (12 characters)
Adventure Game Interpreter"AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) was the development tool used by Sierra Online to create their early adventure games." [Source: Wikipedia]1984 / 201592 games
AGOS1989 / 201323 games
Adventure Game StudioMade using AGS, a game engine and development tool for creating point and click adventure games.1986 / 201658 games
AlamoA game engine created by Petroglyph Games.2006 / 20085 games
Aleph OneAn open source engine for the Marathon trilogy.1996 / 201216 games
AliceSoft Systemcross platform OS/VM hybrids by AliceSoft. Began as PC-98, x68k, FM-Towns, etc. Eventually focused on Windows, still has porting ability (Linux, Mac)2 games
Alterforce EngineA game engine for gem-swap games by Smartpix Games3 games
Amazon LumberyardA game engine by Amazon tied to Amazon Web Services and Twitch. Development fork from CryEngine 3.2 games
AmityvilleA game engine by Planet Moon Studios.2000 / 20035 games
AndEngineA free, open-source 2D OpenGL game engine for Android.1 game
Annchienta EngineA versatile 2D game engine by Jasper Van der Jeugt. Written in C++. Game can be written in C++ or other languages such as Python.2006 / 20123 games
AnvilA game engine created by Ubisoft Montreal.2007 / 201118 games
AnvilNextA game engine created by Ubisoft Montreal.2012 / 201517 games
Arcane 3D EngineUses the Arcane 3D Engine created by Wolfpack Studios.2 games
Argon2011 / 20133 games
ArianneArianne is a online multiplayer engine to allow the easy creation of online games.6 games
System3Uses the OS/VM hybrid game engine System3 from Alice Soft. Platform support for PC-88, PC-98, MSX, x68k, FM-Towns, and MS-DOS (and Win3.1 via DOS backward compatibility).1989 / 199619 games
System3.5Uses the OS/VM hybrid game engine System3.5 (3.5 – 3.9) from Alice Soft. Platform support primarily for Windows 95 but backwards compatible with Windows 3.1 as well.1991 / 20023 games
System4Uses the System 4 virtual machine game engine from Alice Soft. Created from scratch and supports only Windows 98 and later related platforms.2002 / 20114 games
AsuraUses any version/generation of the Asura game engine, created by Rebellion.2005 / 201319 games
AtmosFearA game engine by Action Forms.1998 / 20054 games
Atomic Game Enginea 2D/3D game engine with nice features like streaming to texture.0 game
AuroraUses the Aurora game engine, created by BioWare.2002 / 201924 games
Avalanche Engine2006 / 201510 games
Bagatur Chess Engine1 game
BANG! EngineA game engine created by Ensemble Studios.2002 / 20089 games
The Bard's Tale engineA game engine by Michael Cranford created for "The Bard's Tale" that Interplay updated & reused for 3 additional games, 1 besides a Bard's Tale sequel.1985 / 199830 games
BattleZoneAn unnamed game engine originally used for the 1998 BattleZone FPS/RTS.1998 / 20003 games
biEngineA proprietary game engine developed by Biart Studio.2010 / 201213 games
Big Huge EngineA game engine by Big Huge Games.2003 / 20127 games
BigWorldAn MMO game engine by BigWorld.2010 / 201611 games
BitsquidA game engine created by Bitsquid AB, founded by Fatshark and former Grin developers.2011 / 201517 games
Blender Game EngineShares the same code base as the Blender 3D modeling tool. But unlike blender, it renders in real time with sounds and interactivity.2008 / 201416 games
BlitzTech2009 / 20133 games
Bluepoint EngineA game engine by Bluepoint Games.2006 / 20148 games
Buddha EngineA game engine by Double Fine.2009 / 201523 games
BuildA game engine by Ken Silverman, perhaps best known for its use in Duke Nukem 3D.1995 / 201938 games
BYONDMade with Byond, a free 2D multiplayer game maker.1 game
Crap Adventure Construction Kit1 game
Chrome EngineA 3D game engine by Techland which supports scripting by Java.2003 / 201528 games
Clausewitz2007 / 201628 games
Clickteam FusionSuccessor to Clickteam's earlier Multimedia Fusion.1992 / 20080 game
CloakNTA game engine by Cauldron.2003 / 200911 games
Cocos2dA cross platform game framework originally for iOS.2015 / 20163 games
Construct 2A WYSIWYG closed source game maker by Scirra for creating HTML5 games.2013 / 201629 games
CoretechUses any generation of the Coretech game engine, created by NeocoreGames.2009 / 20157 games
CossacksAn unnamed game engine originally used for Cossacks series.2001 / 20166 games
Cinématique Evolution 2 EngineDelphine Software's update to the Cinématique Engine (CINE) used for a single adventure game (on three platforms)3 games
CryENGINEUtilizes first generation of Crytek's CryENGINE.2004 / 201725 games
CryENGINE 22003 / 20097 games
CryENGINE 32011 / 201618 games
CryENGINE V1 game
Cryptic EngineUses any generation of the game engine by Cryptic Studios.2004 / 20135 games
Crystal CavesA nameless game engine created for Crystal Caves, later re-used for Secret Agent.1991 / 20153 games
Crystal EngineAn engine developed by Crystal Dynamics.2006 / 201425 games
Crystal ToolsA game engine by Square Enix.2009 / 20167 games
Cube2engineA zlib licensed engine with graphics based on an octree-to-triangle rendering engine. Cubes, sub-cubes, sub-sub-cubes, ad infinitum.2004 / 201416 games
CustomUses any engine that was made specifically for a single game.1986 / 2019324 games
Dagon EngineAn adventure game engine by Senscape. The sourcecode for engine and SDK are available under CDDL license.2012 / 20142 games
DagorA game engine by Gaijin Entertainment.2007 / 201613 games
Dark EngineA game engine by Looking Glass Studios originally for Thief: The Dark Project.1998 / 20147 games
DarkPlacesA heavily modified Quake [1] game engine.2003 / 201317 games
Darkstar1998 / 19992 games
Dead Engine2008 / 20106 games
Delta EngineAn open source cross-platform game engine by Delta Engine GmbH.1 game
DescentA nameless game engine by Parallax Software originally built for the game Descent.1995 / 20108 games
Devolved EngineAn RPG engine where games are written completely in strict XML.1 game
Dynamix Game Development SystemA game engine and system of development tools by Dynamix used for several of their games.1990 / 199210 games
DieselA game engine developed by GRIN.2001 / 201617 games
DisruptA game engine by Ubisoft Montreal.5 games
Divinity EngineA game engine by Larian, originally created for a game that preceded Divinity series.1999 / 20043 games
Divinity Engine 2A game engine by Larian Studios originally for Divinity: Dragon Commander and later iterations used for the Original Sin series.2013 / 201710 games
DoomRPGUses DoomRPG's game engine.2005 / 20106 games
DreamWorld2001 / 20125 games
DS2A modified Quake 3 game engine by Digital Spray Studios.2006 / 20072 games
Dumb Game EngineCapable of running Doom & Quake games & originals with dynamic levels, higher resolutions, and new features on 486/33z. Also for original games of other types.1 game
DuniaA game engine created by Ubisoft Montreal.2008 / 201210 games
The Wonderful World of EamonUses the Eamon text plus graphics game engine to play the 240+ games created for it.1983 / 20105 games
Eamon EngineA text based (graphics allowed) construction system by Donald Brown that was used to create hundreds of games.1980 / 2010298 games
EDGEA modernized DOOM engine that still remains compatible with the originals.1 game
Eduke32 EngineA game engine that plays Duke Nukem and other games.2006 / 201311 games
Ego Game Technology Engine2005 / 200915 games
Electron EngineUses the Electron game engine, created by Obsidian Entertainment and based on BioWare's Aurora engine.2006 / 20084 games
EnforceA game engine originally by Black Element Software.2004 / 20124 games
EnigmaA game engine developed by Nival.2003 / 20088 games
EoB EngineA nameless game engine created for Eye of the Beholder series & updated for each game. Later updated for use with the Kyrandia series.1991 / 201525 games
Escavatrix EngineUses the Escavatrix engine1 game
Essence EngineGame engine by Relic Entertainment created for the Company of Heroes game.2006 / 201612 games
Eternal Lands EngineA proprietary game engine developed for the Eternal Lands MMORPG. As the sourcecode is GPL, other MMORPGs are free to use it.2003 / 20138 games
Europa Universalis EngineEngine used for the 1st & 2ndgames in the series & possibly others & possibly games outside of the series.2001 / 20144 games
EvolutionA game engine by Digital Extremes, originally named Sector Engine as per the first game to use it: darkSector.2008 / 20136 games
ExEnBy In-Fusio. Aims to be less limited than J2ME. Built-in scaling, parallaxing, raycasting, & rotation. Available under "premium" or "free" licenses.2003 / 20042 games
Explore EngineJoseph Peterson & De Crandell's BASIC engine for the TRS-80 computer. A generic way to create adventure games inspired by Colossal Cave Adventure.5 games
FalloutUses Fallout 1's game engine.1997 / 201612 games
Flexible Isometric Free Engine4 games
Fighter MakerCreated with Enterbrain's 2D Fighter Maker.2001 / 20144 games
Filmation Game EngineIsometric graphics engine employed in a series of games developed by Ultimate Play the Game during the 1980s1984 / 198618 games
flatzebraA GPL generic game engine for 2D double-buffering animation using SDL by Pierre Sarrazin2000 / 200812 games
FLEDGEA game engine by Deck13.2014 / 20174 games
ForgeLightA proprietary game engine by Sony Online Entertainment for MMOs.2012 / 20154 games
Fox EngineA cross-platform game engine by Kojima Productions.2013 / 201411 games
FreescapeDeveloped in-house by Incentive Software in 1986, Freescape is considered to be the first proprietary 3D engine ever to be used in computer games.1987 / 199237 games
Freespace EngineA game engine with loosely interpreted outer space physics used for the Freespace series of games.1998 / 201516 games
Friend-Zone EngineThe Friend-Zone engine is a friendship/relationship engine by Quickfire Games1 game
Frostbite2008 / 201834 games
Generic Adventure Game System/Adventure Game ToolkitGeneric Adventure Game System is an interactive fiction engine by Mark J. Welch's. Later extended and renamed Adventure Game Toolkit by David R. Malmberg's1989 / 19913 games
GamebryoUses any generation of Gamebryo engine.1999 / 201480 games
GameMakerMade with and powered by any version of GameMaker from YoYo Games.1998 / 2019137 games
GameOSA game engine developed by Andrew Glaister at FASA Studio until it was bought out by Microsoft in 1999.2000 / 20026 games
The Games FactoryCreated with TGF, a graphical game authoring tool by Clickteam.1 game
GC EngineDeveloped for use at GameCoder Studios with planned licensing later.1990 / 201316 games
GenericUses any game engine that was made to be easily adaptable to other games.2012 / 201410 games
Genesis3DAn opensource engine by Eclipse Entertainment. Used for an eclectic set of infamous games.1998 / 20037 games
Genie EngineA game engine developed by Ensemble Studios1997 / 201511 games
Geo-Mod game engineUses any version of the Geo-Mod game engine.2001 / 201114 games
Ginkgo EngineA 2D Engine by Broken Rules2009 / 20146 games
Garry Kitchen's GamemakerGames made with Garry Kitchen's Gamemaker IDE.1985 / 19862 games
GlacierA game engine by IO Interactive.2000 / 200612 games
Glacier 2A game engine by IO Interactive.3 games
GlestA game engine designed for strategy games. Originally created for Glest, used in various forms for other games.2004 / 20107 games
GLYPHA game engine by Petroglyph.2010 / 20133 games
Godfather2006 / 200811 games
Godot EngineA free, cross-platform and open source game engine distributed under MIT license.2014 / 201612 games
Gold Box Engine1987-1994. Know as GBE since a shiny gold cardboard box was used for many of the games. It was eventually released to the public as [game=Unlimited Adventures]Unlimited Adventures[/game]1988 / 201559 games
GoldSrcA heavily modified Quake 1 game engine by Valve.1998 / 201320 games
Grim EngineA game engine developed by LucasArts, incorporating the older Sith engine.1998 / 20147 games
Groovie1993 / 20149 games
GZDoomExtremely heavily modified id Tech 1 engine based on ZDoom.2018 / 20193 games
Haaf's Game EngineBy Relish Games. For quickly making hardware accelerated 2D games without having to know a lot about technology.2009 / 20113 games
Halo engine2001 / 20118 games
Heavy DutyA game engine by Primal Software.2006 / 20102 games
HeroEngineA game engine by Simutronics.2009 / 20157 games
HPL1Game engine created by Frictional Games2007 / 200810 games
HPL2Second generation of the HPL game engine created by Frictional Games.2010 / 20157 games
HPL3Third generation of the HPL game engine created by Frictional Games.4 games
HPLUses any version of the HPL game engine by Frictional Games.2007 / 201518 games
id Tech 1Uses the original Doom's engine or some modification of it.1993 / 201326 games
id Tech 2Uses the id Tech 2 game engine developed by id Software.1997 / 201447 games
id Tech 3Uses the id Tech 3 game engine developed by id Software.1999 / 201686 games
id Tech 4Uses id Tech 4 game engine, developed by id Software.2004 / 201531 games
id Tech 5Uses the fifth generation of id Software's game engine.2011 / 201513 games
id Tech 6Uses the sixth generation of id Software's game engine.2016 / 20194 games
Interactive Fiction EngineA proprietary game engine of interactive fictions, created by Simutronics.1987 / 20032 games
Infernal EngineA game engine developed by Terminal Reality.2008 / 20136 games
Infinity EngineIE is a game engine used to allow multiple characters to interact with pre-rendered isometric 2D environments in pausable real-time.1998 / 201723 games
Insomniac Engine1 game
IREA game engine similar to the one used for Ultima 6. Uses Allegro.2003 / 20044 games
IRISZOOMA game engine by Eugen Systems.2010 / 201516 games
I Wanna Be The EngineUses any version of IWBTE.1 game
Infinity Ward engineA heavily modified version of id tech 4 engine by Infinity Ward.2005 / 201320 games
JadeA game engine developed by Ubisoft, originally in their Montpellier studio, for Beyond Good & Evil and named after the protagonist of that game.2003 / 200735 games
Jedi engineA game engine by LucasArts.1995 / 20153 games
JGame EngineA Java based, widely cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac, Java, Mobile, Android, Flash, Webstart), 2D game engine with optional OpenGL.17 games
jMonkeyEngineA free Java 3D game engine.2009 / 201614 games
K2 EngineA game engine by S2 Games, originally for Savage 2.2008 / 20159 games
Kex Engine1997 / 20187 games
KineticaGame engine developed by SCEA.2001 / 201018 games
KiriKiriUses any version of KiriKiri, a free game engine and framework for visual novels.2006 / 20126 games
KRASSA game engine by Massive Development.2001 / 20054 games
Kung Fu Game State Machine EngineA game engine created by Color Dreams Inc and used in several of their games.1990 / 19913 games
Lachhh engine1 game
Lassie Adventure Studio1 game
LC-Script EngineUses any version of the LCSE game engine by Nexton.2003 / 20114 games
LionEngineA platformer game engine by Byron 3D Games Studio available to the public.2 games
Lithtech Jupiter2002 / 20098 games
Lithtech JupiterEX2005 / 200914 games
Lithtech Talon2001 / 20045 games
LithtechA game engine originally created by Monolith Productions.1998 / 201555 games
Living Battlefield1997 / 19982 games
Lords of Midnight 3 EngineA nameless game engine created for Lords of Midnight: The Citadel.1995 / 19962 games
LÖVE frameworkAn open-source game framework and engine.2012 / 201759 games
LPMud driverMUDs running on LPMud driver or any of its derivatives. LPMud is a powerful engine with very little hard-coded functionality besides the LPC (a C-like scripting language) interpreter, unlike many other MUD drivers which rely on hardcoded info.1989 / 20015 games
LyN Engine2009 / 20104 games
MacVentureA menu-based point-and-click interface and game engine originally developed for Mac by ICOM Simulations.1985 / 199024 games
M.A.D.E.A multimedia adventure game engine for DOS, created by Activision.1989 / 19935 games
M.A.D.S.1992 / 20147 games
Magic CarpetA nameless engine created for the Magic Carpet game series.1994 / 20128 games
Marmalade2009 / 201614 games
MassTech engine2004 / 20083 games
MAX-FXA game engine by Remedy Entertainment for Max Payne games that was also used for the 3DMark graphics benchmark application.2001 / 20035 games
MechWarrior 2 engineUses MechWarrior 2's game engine.1995 / 199812 games
Mercury EngineUses any version of the Mercury Engine game engine by MercurySteam.3 games
MoaiCreated using the Moai development framework, a mostly Lua driven cross-platform game development kit created by Zipline Games.2011 / 20149 games
Moho2007 / 20117 games
MT FrameworkA game engine by Capcom initially developed for Dead Rising and Lost Planet.2006 / 201839 games
Multimedia FusionCreated with MMF, a software authoring tool by Clickteam mostly targeting game development.2002 / 201317 games
Nazghul Game EngineUsed to create Ultima V or earlier style RPGs. Relies [i]heavily[/i] on TinySCHEME scripting to construct content and define its interaction.2003 / 20063 games
Nebula Device 3DAn open-source game engine by Radon Labs.2005 / 20082 games
NitrousA game engine by Oxide Games.2014 / 20163 games
NLKEngineA 2D/3D game engine developed by Nerlaska Studio.2012 / 20154 games
NocturneA game engine originally developed for Nocturne by Terminal Reality.1999 / 20004 games
OdysseyUses the Odyssey game engine.2003 / 20167 games
OEngineA game engine by OSome Studio.2014 / 20156 games
Offset EngineA game engine by Offset Software.3 games
O.H.R.RPG.C.E.James Paige, Brian Fisher, and team's retro RPG engine for creating games in the style of SNES/NES/GBA Final Fantasy series.1998 / 20082 games
OnyxA game engine developed by Ubisoft.4 games
OpenBOR Open Beats of Rage EngineAn 2D engine to replicate gameplay of the Beat'em Ups like Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, and Final Fight.2 games
Orion2005 / 20063 games
OrochiUses any generation of the Orochi game engine by Silicon Studio.2012 / 20121 game
PAIN engineGame engine by People Can Fly.2004 / 20108 games
Panda3DA free 3D game engine by Carnegie Mellon University and Disney.2007 / 201831 games
PanopticumA panoramic adventure game engine by Phantomery Interactive.2008 / 20102 games
Panta Rhei8th generation game engine from Capcom.1 game
Panzer GeneralA nameless game engine originally created for Panzel General.1994 / 201512 games
Photex1995 / 19964 games
PhyreEngineA free cross-platform game engine by Sony.2008 / 201938 games
Playground SDK2007 / 20148 games
PopCap Games FrameworkPrimarily 2D game engine from PopCap Games.1 game
Presentation SoftwareThese are formats for storing presentations. Some creative individuals have designed actual games in these formats.container group
Prism3DA game engine by SCS Software.2001 / 20056 games
QuakeUses Quake's game engine.1996 / 200925 games
Quantum3A game engine by High Voltage Software.2008 / 20093 games
RAD EngineA game engine by Ready At Dawn.2008 / 20152 games
RAGEUses the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine.2006 / 20098 games
Reality LabA 3D game engine by RenderMorphics.1995 / 19962 games
Realspace game engine2006 / 20142 games
Real VirtualityRuns on any version of RV game engine.2001 / 201715 games
REDengineA game engine by CD Projekt RED.2011 / 202012 games
Refractor 2A game engine by Refraction Games and Digital Illusions.2002 / 20099 games
RenderWareA 3D graphics engine by Criterion Software.2001 / 201244 games
Renegade2007 / 20145 games
Ren'PyA Python based game engine for visual novels.2004 / 20181025 games
Return of the Hylian EngineVincent Jouillat's game engine created for the R.O.T.H. fan game. Was subsequently used for other fan games.7 games
RiotA game engine by Surreal Software.1999 / 200510 games
Road HogA game engine by Flying Wild Hog.2011 / 20169 games
Robin Game EngineMillennium Interactive's game engine for The Adventures of Robin Hood and other games. Amiga, Atari ST, and DOS.1991 / 19925 games
RPG MakerMade with any version of RPG Maker. These either install RPG Maker run-time along them or require it to be pre-installed.1999 / 201941 games
RPG Maker VX Ace3 games
RPG Maker XP2011 / 20144 games
SAGA1994 / 201313 games
SAGE 2.02008 / 20106 games
SAGEUses the Strategy Action Game Engine.2003 / 200810 games
Spinnaker Adventure LanguageAn adventure game engine by Spinnaker Software. It includes a framework for graphics and action sequences.1984 / 198625 games
Sierra's Creative InterpreterUses any version of SCI, a game engine that is basically only a scripting language and a runtime environment. Used primarily for adventure games.1988 / 2015121 games
SCI0 - Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 0Created with Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 0, an adventure game engine.1988 / 199139 games
SCI1 - Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 1Created with Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 1, an adventure game engine.1990 / 201516 games
SCI11 - Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 1.1Created with Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 1.1, an adventure game engine.1992 / 201511 games
SCI2 - Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 2Created with Sierra's Creative Interpreter Version 2, an adventure game engine.1993 / 199510 games
SCUMMA scripting engine used by many LucasArts games.1987 / 2017136 games
Serge EnginePerpetual Pyramid's game engine built on pygame.2011 / 201413 games
Serious engine2001 / 201010 games
ShiVa 3DShiVa 3D is a cross-platform application development toolkit centered around the ShiVa3D Engine.4 games
SigEngine2010 / 20124 games
Silent StormA nameless game engine developed by Nival Interactive for their Silent Storm tactical strategy game, later re-used for other similar games.2003 / 20109 games
Silk EngineA cross-platform game engine by Spiders.2010 / 201610 games
SithA game engine developed by LucasArts.1997 / 20004 games
SlaveDriver1996 / 19974 games
SlayerA game engine developed by The Collective.2002 / 200612 games
SLUDGEAnd adventure came oriented engine and associated development tools.2008 / 20159 games
SnowblindA game engine originally created for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance by Snowblind Studios.2001 / 201316 games
Snowdrop2016 / 201913 games
Soft Solid 3-D1983 / 19843 games
Solarus EngineA GPL 3 licensed engine by Christopho designed for making a Link to the Past clone. Used along with the Solarus Quest Editor to make other games.2008 / 201514 games
Source 2The second generation of Source engine, first introduced with Dota 2 Reborn.3 games
SourceUses Valve's Source engine that was developed with Half-Life 2.2004 / 202089 games
Spark EngineCreated by Unknown Worlds for their game [i]Natrual Selection 2[/i].2012 / 20144 games
SpringA free, open-source, cross-platform RTS game engine created by a community of enthusiasts.2005 / 201211 games
StarbreezeAny generation of the cross-platform game engine by Starbreeze Studios.2004 / 201210 games
startrek game engineA point-and-click adventure game engine by Interplay for Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (DOS). Used for 2 additional Trek games & ports to other OSes.1992 / 201510 games
StepMania engine2001 / 20056 games
Stick 2D EngineA game engine based on the Lightweight Java Game Library2012 / 20146 games
StingrayA 3D game engine by Autodesk, based on Bitsquid engine they acquired prior.2015 / 20152 games
StormRaid EngineA 3D grand strategy game engine by Aartformgame1 game
StratagusUses the real-time strategy gaming engine Stratagus.2002 / 201415 games
SunBurnA C# and XNA game engine by Synapse Gaming.2011 / 20144 games
Supaplex Engine1998 / 20042 games
Super Pitfall EngineA game engine by Steve Bjork used famously for Super Pitfall & less so for Mine Rescue.1986 / 19883 games
Text Adventure Development SystemA shareware, later freeware, interactive fiction programming system by High Energy Software. Comes in TADS 1, 2, 3, & Multimedia TADS versions.1990 / 201035 games
TheEngineA 3D engine by SkyFallen.2005 / 200910 games
Titan EngineUses the Titan game engine created by Stainless Steel Studios.2001 / 20066 games
TitaniumA proprietary game engine by Radical Entertainment.2009 / 20126 games
Titan QuestA nameless game engine by Iron Lore Entertainment originally for the Titan Quest game.2006 / 20163 games
Torque 2DMade with Torque Game Builder.2007 / 201411 games
Torque 3DA game engine by GarageGames. Later open sourced.2000 / 201638 games
Trash EngineUses the Trash game engine.2008 / 20112 games
TuxCap FrameworkA non-proprietary alternative to PopCap Framwork2007 / 20082 games
Twine Engine2012 / 20147 games
Ultima VI engineOrigin's attempt to extract bits of U6, make tools & make multiple games based on the U6 engine to quickly create better games in less time, & cheaper1990 / 20148 games
UBIart FrameworkAn art oriented game engine by Ubisoft.2011 / 201520 games
Ultima VIIUses the Ultima 7 game engine or the open source remake, Exult.1992 / 200738 games
Ultima VIII engine1994 / 19975 games
UnigineA 3D game engine by Unigine Corp.2008 / 201618 games
UnityMade with and powered by Unity toolkit and game engine, created by Unity Technologies.2005 / 20201286 games
Unity 5.xUses the fifth generation of the Unity game engine.2015 / 20175 games
Unreal EngineUses any generation of the Unreal Engine.1998 / 2019108 games
Unreal Engine 1Uses first generation of the Unreal Engine, developed by Epic Games.1998 / 200346 games
Unreal Engine 2Second generation Unreal Engine by Epic Games.2002 / 2016103 games
Unreal Engine 2X0 game
Unreal Engine 3Uses third generation Unreal Engine (by Epic Games).2006 / 2019332 games
Unreal Engine 4Uses fourth generation Unreal Engine, created by Epic Games.2012 / 2021132 games
V-play EngineA 2D rapid development game engine for iOS, Android, Blackberry, MeeGo, Symbian, and Linux3 games
Vampire engineA game engine created by Raven Software for MageSlayer.2 games
VergeCreated using the Verge game creation system.2 games
Vicious EngineA game engine (middleware) by [company=Vicious Cycle Software]Vicious Cycle Software[/company].2005 / 200911 games
3DVIA VirtoolsWas created with 3DVIA Virtools development platform and runs under its game engine.1 game
Virtual TheatreA cross-platform adventure game engine by Revolution Software designed to run on Windows, DOS, Atari ST, Amiga, Macintosh and Playstation.1992 / 201531 games
VisionaireAdventure game maker and associated game engine.2008 / 201724 games
Vision EngineA game engine by Trinigy, acquired by Havok in 2011.2006 / 201417 games
Vital EngineA game engine developed by Deep Shadows.2005 / 20094 games
Void EngineA modified version of id Tech 5 by Arkane Studios.3 games
Voxel SpaceUses any generation of the Voxel Space engine, created by NovaLogic.1992 / 200010 games
VRAGEA mixed polygon/voxel engine by Keen Software House.2012 / 20196 games
Westwood 3DUses the Westwood 3D game engine.2001 / 20023 games
Wasteland EngineInterplay's engine created for Wasteland. Was used in other projects as well.1988 / 19923 games
WeiNGINEA 3D to 2D pre-rendered RPG game engine by Planewalker Games.1 game
WintermuteA free open source (MIT license) game engine and development kit primarily for adventure games.2005 / 201411 games
Wolfenstein 3DUses the age old Wolf3D engine created originally for Wolfenstein 3D.1991 / 201533 games
XnGineUses the XnGine game engine by Bethesda.1995 / 19997 games
Xox Game EngineA game engine used for some NeXTstep games.1993 / 19949 games
X-Ray Engine2007 / 20094 games
X-Wing EngineUses any version of the unnamed engine originally used for X-Wing, updated for subsequent games and backported for re-releases of the older games.1993 / 201510 games
Yaga EngineBy Humongous Inc (not Humongous Entertainment). It was used in several games beginning in 2002.2002 / 20146 games
Yasmina's Quest engineAn engine for games mixing graphical point-n-click and text adventure gameplay, coded in PHP & DHTML (JavaScript, CSS and HTML).5 games
Yeti EngineA modified Unreal Engine 2.5 by Ubisoft Tiwak and Paris.2006 / 201415 games
ZDoomA heavily modified id Tech 1 engine that adds large number of new functionality that some games may depend on (thus be incompatible with other id Tech 1 based engines).2008 / 20174 games
ZeroA game engine by Pandemic Studios.1999 / 200511 games
ZIL engineA text game engine. Z-machine games where written in ZIL and compiled with Zilch into Z-code files. Z-machines for any platform all ran the same Z-code.1983 / 200760 games