Game libraries

Software concept

Libraries that contain large number of functionality one would need to make a game, and are there specifically for that purpose (including functionality that presumably only games need), but is not and does not have an engine on itself.

Alternate name: Game frameworks

See also: game engines, game makers

Many sources seem to consider game engines and game libraries the same thing even though game libraries require much more technical work to get a game running on. This is also exacerbated by game libraries that partially cross over to game engine zone but don't fully go there (e.g. Moai).
clanlibCross platform C++ toolkit library. Its primary focus is on games.2001 / 201216 games
FlixelA free, open-source game-making library for Actionscript 3 and designed for use with free development tools.2009 / 201419 games
libgdx FrameworkCross-platform framework for games.2012 / 201517 games
MoaiCreated using the Moai development framework, a mostly Lua driven cross-platform game development kit created by Zipline Games.2011 / 20149 games
Nvidia GameWorksA toolkit and collection of APIs for game development from Nvidia.2012 / 201612 games
pygameA game development framework that wraps SDL for Python.2001 / 2017163 games
XNA FrameworkMade with and uses the XNA framework by Microsoft, a set of tools and a runtime for game development. Or the Mono.XNA open-source and cross-platform re-implementations of the API.2008 / 201774 games