Game-like elements

Video game theme

Any tags that describe features, concepts, etc. that make games even more game-like.

* Unrealism / Logic errors

* Realism

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Ability cooldownPlayer must contend with largely inexplicable artificial moderation on ability, skill or spell usage.2005 / 202086 games
Absolute armorArmor, energy shields, etc. provide absolute protection for the wearer until they have been completely obliterated.1991 / 201736 games
Anticipatory stockpilesIncludes stockpiles of weapons, ammo, medical supplies and/or other items in anticipation of subsequent challenges or right on site. Especially when this provides something you didn't already have that is necessary for the challenges. (too long)1993 / 2017118 games
Automatic runningPlayer character and others automatically run or jog. (too short)1997 / 201761 games
Damage flickerThings flicker transparently or some (possibly opaque) color, usually red or white, when taking damage.1989 / 201735 games
Death barriersPlayer's progress is hampered by zones that instantly or almost instantly cause them to die, usually with no way of preventing that death and therefore forcing them to seek alternate routes. (too long)1992 / 20108 games
Fake elevationGame depicts terrain elevation but it has no notable effect, bullets pass through hills and higher ground has no benefits over lower.2009 / 20123 games
Flat terrainTerrain lacks any slopes. (too short)1985 / 201958 games
Harmful touchSimply coming into contact with your enemies is enough to hurt or even kill you. It is most commonly seen in platform games.1979 / 2020606 games
Health warningPlayer is given a warning when they are nearing death due to low health, usually the screen flashing or turning red or other effects.1986 / 2018143 games
Hit flashWhen characters hit, damage, or otherwise clobber each other, player can see a bright flash of light (or other fancy effect that serves the same purpose) at the point of impact. (too long)2006 / 201723 games
Idle noiseThe NPCs, monsters and other enemies produce an idle noise or chatter warning the player of their presence.1987 / 201785 games
Instant deathThe player dies from single damaging hit of any kind, the equivalent of having never more than one life/hit point.1978 / 20211516 games
Item highlightItems on the ground, tables, and wherever are highlighted somehow. They may glow, glitter, have name tags shown, or otherwise blatantly give off their location. Often accompanied by an unexplained floating off the ground effect. (too long)1994 / 2020353 games
Extra livesPlayer character has multiple "lives", that are basically how many tries a player has before a Game Over.1975 / 20217505 games
Mission resetAfter each mission, level, or such, your personal status and equipment is reset to what it was when you began, losing all that you gained in the mission and regaining everything you lost. (too long)1999 / 201411 games
Penalty imposed for harming non-combatantsPenalizes player(s) if they in any way harm players or game characters who are not fighting against the protagonist(s).1981 / 201449 games
Objective clairvoyanceProtagonist knows exactly, or just so accurately, where the objectives are despite in reality it being either impossible or at least so vague it'd take hours or even days to actually find them. (too long)2008 / 201954 games
Old skool securitySecurity that can be circumvented by observing a pattern and following it, regardless if this is actually a security system.1998 / 201824 games
Old skool surveillanceSurveillance system that clearly leaves holes in what they're surveying. Often with security cameras that show their view cones and move about in predictable patterns that leave holes through which the player can slip by. (too long)1999 / 201642 games
Out-of-place itemsIncludes items in places they shouldn't be, such as modern weapons, medical supplies and such in ancient long abandoned ruins or in alien spaceships. (too long)1988 / 2019104 games
Opponent power displaySomehow displays how dangerous an opponent is in comparison to you or to other opponents, regardless of actual accuracy.1992 / 201643 games
Plot immortalityCertain characters are immortal/indestructible because the plot demands their presence later in the story, regardless if you know this.2001 / 201516 games
Power-upsIncludes various inexplicable objects that instantly increase the protagonist's power, temporarily or permanently.1981 / 2020666 games
Projectile limitThere's a limit in how many projectiles can be "active" at any given time, especially when this limit is noticeable by the player.1979 / 201732 games
Quick Time EventA time-limited event where the player is usually required to press buttons or move their controller according to (possibly randomized) screen prompts to achieve usually a specific results rather than the more freeform style normal gameplay allows. (too long)1984 / 2020282 games
Radio tapFor some obscure reason, the player can hear the enemy's radio chatter. (too short)1998 / 201326 games
Random chanceMost effects of basic actions are based on random chance rather than what you actually see happening. Or random chance otherwise is central gameplay element. (too long)1989 / 2019122 games
Random damageAny damage dealt is more or less unreliable, done in video games as a simulation of old P&P RPGs and other tabletop games where it was an abstraction of how hard and where something hurt, but has spread out to areas where it was not intended. (too long)1985 / 2019204 games
Relentless guardsAny NPC, possibly all regardless if they're involved, are incapable of losing track of you once they find you sneaking around and pursue you indefinitely, even trying to do so when they're utterly incapable of ever reaching you. (too long)1997 / 20177 games
Retry pointsIncludes points where the player character is automatically teleported to and restored at upon catastrophic failure besides level start.1984 / 2018232 games
Status effects (too short)1987 / 2020155 games
Unit limitThere's an arbitrary limit on how many units you can control, usually exists to counter game engine's poor performance with larger numbers or to counter poor network code. (too long)1997 / 201770 games
Game world borderPlayer can reach the border of the game world, usually an inexplicable, impenetrable and invisible wall of nothing. Often with blackness on the other side though not necessarily. (too long)2006 / 201612 games