Game makers

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Any software that exists to make making games as simple, easy and efficient as possible.

Alternate name: Game development environments

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Production tools
Epiboly Software's Adventure MakerA system by Patricia B. Smith to makes simple GUI interactive fiction games for classic Macintoshes.1 game
BYONDMade with Byond, a free 2D multiplayer game maker.1 game
Clickteam FusionSuccessor to Clickteam's earlier Multimedia Fusion.1992 / 20080 game
Construct 2A WYSIWYG closed source game maker by Scirra for creating HTML5 games.2013 / 201629 games
Fighter MakerCreated with Enterbrain's 2D Fighter Maker.2001 / 20144 games
FPS CreatorFPS Creator & later versions are developed by The Game Creators Ltd. They allow making FPSes with little or no coding/programming experience required1 game
GameMakerMade with and powered by any version of GameMaker from YoYo Games.1998 / 2019137 games
The Games FactoryCreated with TGF, a graphical game authoring tool by Clickteam.1 game
Garry Kitchen's GamemakerGames made with Garry Kitchen's Gamemaker IDE.1985 / 19862 games
MegaZuexA game maker originally released as shareware and now GPL.1998 / 20115 games
Multimedia FusionCreated with MMF, a software authoring tool by Clickteam mostly targeting game development.2002 / 201317 games
Pepys Adventure GamerGames made with and playable using Pepys Adventure Gamer for graphical adventure games.1 game
RPG MakerMade with any version of RPG Maker. These either install RPG Maker run-time along them or require it to be pre-installed.1999 / 201941 games
World Builder game creation system1st used to create games in 1984, Silicon Beach Software published their system 1986. ©William C. Appleton, reportedly released as Freeware in 19951984 / 199448 games
SEUK1987 / 19963 games
StoryNexus2 games
Unreal Development KitDeveloped using the free (binary-only) version of Unreal Engine 3. These also install UDK redistributable or require it to be installed beforehand.2010 / 201637 games
VisionaireAdventure game maker and associated game engine.2008 / 201724 games
Zelda Classic / ZQuest EngineBegan as pixel perfect recreation of original Legend of Zelda for DOS. But advanced to cross-platform (DWOL) & for other 2D Zelda-likes or platformers1999 / 201554 games