Game save storage

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Any tags describing where game saves are stored.

* Game saves
Save copy lockPrevents copying of the game saves to back them up or to spread them to other players/systems by any means, be it DRM, OS specific functionality, saves being hardware signature locked, or by any other means.2009 / 20175 games
Local save storageStores saves locally on some system default location.2003 / 20166 games
Save to external mediaSaves are stored on removable media, such as floppies or memory cards.1987 / 20045 games
Save to online storageGame saves and possibly other information are placed in online storage.2004 / 201745 games
Save RAMData saved by internal memory in the cartridge even after being unplugged. Usually a battery powers RAM chips for this purpose but a few use Flash RAM1986 / 2019525 games