Gaslamp fantasy

Fiction genre theme

Edwardian/Victorian era setting with associated technologies (which might include steam) pushed to fantastic limits. An alternative to steampunk.


Alternate names: Gaslight fantasy, Gaslight romance

The first video game about Gaslamp fantasy was released in 1983.

Gaslamp Games, Starrats Studios and Total Eclipse has published most of these games

See also: steampunk, clockpunk
When steampunk has no punk and steam power is not emphasized (or is not existent), it may in fact be Gaslamp Fiction instead. The name is from after the year 2000 but the beginnings of the style may occur as early as 1818 with Mary Shelly's Frankenstein where technology is used to construct an artificial being. Other technologies of the day are also featured in the novel. Often, biological constructs, non-steam mechanical constructs, vampires, ghosts, monsters, robots, zombies, goblinoids, and fantasy creatures are present. They are a result of the fantastic technology of course. The Bram Stoker's Dracula novel in 1897 also contains gaslamp elements such as a blood transfusions (a newly investigated and a highly questionable medical technology at the time). Odd medical technology and medical machines are often gaslamp elements. Though there can be technology related to electricity, it is (much like steam power) often not emphasized as such or explored in accurate detail in stories of this genre (note the role of electricity in Mary Shelly's Frankenstein). It is yet one more technology of the era that can be pushed to fantastic limits.
This genre can be a subset of both Science Fiction and Fantasy.
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