Culture theme

Any tags relating to genders, gender bias, or such.

Bechdel/WallacePasses the Bechdel/Wallace test's 3 rules: it must have (1) at least two females in it who (2) talk to each other about (3) something else than a man or men.1999 / 201619 games
Class linked genderCharacter gender is linked to their chosen class.1996 / 201946 games
Female dominant castAll or most of the cast and important characters, or even of all characters, are female.1993 / 2018106 games
Female protagonistPlayer controls apparently female character.1974 / 20192781 games (12 characters)
Gender choicePlayer can choose the gender of the main character.1974 / 20191022 games
Genders are DifferentMale and female characters have access to different stats, skills, items, quests, plots, etc in a balanced way, even if minimally so.2006 / 20156 games
Gender-neutralThe protagonist's gender can't be determined, there is no protagonist, or otherwise does not make assumptions about player (character) gender or similar.1984 / 201865 games
Penalty Imposed on one GenderAn unsurmountable penalty, perhaps arbitrary, is imposed on a characters based solely on gender. For instance, a cap on strength.1993 / 20152 games
Male protagonistPlayer controls apparently male character.1974 / 20181071 games
Neuter protagonistThe protagonist is neuter, lacking any gender-specific organs.2001 / 20053 games
Random genderPlayer character is assigned gender randomly.1 game
Single genderOnly one gender is present among all significant participating characters (allies, foes, and neutrals with exception of bystanders and possibly cutscene only characters).1993 / 201788 games
Single gender alliesBoth genders are present, but all of your immediate allies (such as team members) are of the same gender with no variation.2010 / 20152 games
Single gender oppositionBoth genders are present, but all of your opponents are of the same gender with no variation.1996 / 201541 games
Transgender protagonistThe protagonist considers themselves to be the opposite or other gender they had at birth. It is not necessary for them to dress or surgically alter themselves towards that gender for them to be this, nor to behave in stereotypically effeminate/masculine1988 / 20143 games
TransgendersPeople who have either changed their gender they had at birth, or consider themselves (as in, their gender role) to be opposite or other than they biologically are (which genitalia they have).1988 / 201621 games