Gentoo Linux

Software theme

Games for Gentoo. Gt and apps come in source code not binary form. This is so the user-compiled apps are optimized and fast. It was initially BSD based.


Alternate name: Gentoo/FreeBSD

naev (Linux)
LIN 2006
Hedgewars (Linux)
LIN 2004
BlinKen - Memory Enhancement Game (Linux)
LIN 2005
Tanglet (Linux)
LIN ? *
Flight of the Amazon Queen (Linux)
LIN 2004
Trackballs (Linux)
LIN 2003
XUltima IV (Linux)
LIN 2004
Beneath a Steel Sky (MS-DOS)
DOS 2003-08
Gee Whiz (Linux)
LIN 2003
Sacred Gold (Linux)
LIN 2009-04-09
Egoboo (Linux)
LIN 1999
Atomic Tanks (Linux)
LIN 2003

The first video game about Gentoo Linux was released in 1983.

Gott Games, Atari and ALTAR interactive has published most of these games