Ghosted motion

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Movement of some things, such as certain characters or actions can have the character or the action have one or more ghost of itself (or slow motion blur trails) move slightly before or after the actual thing.


The first video game about Ghosted motion was released in 1998.

Blizzard Entertainment and Digital Extremes has published most of these games

Usually seen in semi/pseudo slow motion scenes to make something seem to move even faster than they are (motion blur) or seem somehow supernatural when there's nothing else there to indicate it. Ghosting ahead of the actual thing especially would indicate supernaturalness. Usually these actually Do nothing, though in some instances the ghosts may add a repeat action of same or lesser power/efficiency.

If the ghosting is numerous enough or the blurring slow enough, especially if it's shown ahead of the actual thing, it may start giving the false impression of the character or whatever being everywhere at once.