Giant myriapods

Creatures theme

Features gigantic variety of myriapods (centipedes, millipedes, and such) or creatures like them.


Alternate names: Giant centipedes, Giant millipedes

The Witcher (Windows)
WIN 2007-10-26
Devil May Cry 3 (PlayStation 2)
PS2 2005-03-01
Dark Souls II (Windows)
WIN 2014-04-24
Devil May Cry 3 (Windows)
WIN 2006-06-28
Dark Souls (Xbox 360)
X360 2011-10-04
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (Windows)
WIN 2015-04-01
Dark Souls (Windows)
WIN 2012-08-24
The Witcher (Mac OS X)
OSX 2012-04-12
Dark Souls Remastered (Nintendo Switch)
SWTC 2018-05-25
Dark Souls (PlayStation 3)
PS3 2011-10-04
WIN 2018-05-25
PS3 2014-04-11

The first video game about Giant myriapods was released on March 1, 2005.

Namco Bandai has published all these games